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White & Gold Wooden Coasters

White & Gold Wooden Coasters

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Add elegance and shine to the bottom of you beverages with an elegant set of Coasters.

  • Wooden Coasters (Set of 4) NO CUSTOMIZATION on this design
  • Resin Coasters (Set of 4)

 Customization available only in our Resin Coasters, go back to our White & Gold Collection page and click on our custom button. (If you select the item here and want to add customization there will be an extra charge on the customization).

A set of four wood coasters with resin combines natural beauty with functional design to protect your surfaces in style. Crafted from high-quality wood, each coaster features a smooth, polished surface that adds warmth and sophistication to any table setting. The addition of resin not only enhances durability but also introduces a touch of artistic flair, as it can be customized with captivating colors, swirls, or even embedded objects like flowers or glitter. These coasters are not just practical accessories; they're elegant pieces of decor that elevate your home while keeping your furniture safe from unsightly water rings and heat damage.

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