At Syramid Studio, we blend artistic beauty with eternity. Our passion is to transform special moments and objects into enduring masterpieces. With resin as our magical canvas, we capture your most cherished memories and significant items in unique pieces that become emotional treasures. Each creation from Syramid Studio is an artistic expression of your feelings and memories, a lasting connection to what you value most in life. Additionally, we craft decorative and functional pieces for your home, office, and social events. Join us on this creative journey, let's make your significant moments last forever.

We embrace the idea that special moments and objects deserve an eternal life. Our brand is a beacon of creativity and emotion, where resin becomes a magical tool for preservation and enhancement. Beyond crafting personalized works of art, we are artisans of nostalgia and functionality, designing products that seamlessly integrate into everyday life, whether at home, in the office, or as decorative elements.